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Welcome To Connected Families

Our Why

We envision a world with more understanding and less judgment, more collaboration and less isolation, more empowered decisions and less blindly following the pack. Making empowered decisions sometimes means asking the questions that most people won’t, especially when it comes to your health and the health of your families. In a world where money and politics control the advertisements and information we receive via mainstream media, it has never been more apparent that the health of your family lies directly in your hands through the decisions you make day in and day out.

We live by the fact that people make the best possible decisions for their family given the information they have at hand. Therefore, the more information we receive the better we get at finding what resonates with us and ultimately drives us to continue to make our best decisions.

Through our personal experiences and journey to becoming chiropractors, it was clear that we are travelling the road less travelled and in many instances that makes us different. And although being different may get lonely and is not always easy, it is sometimes absolutely necessary.

Facilitating ways to maximally express health rather than suppress it…is different. Knowing that health does not come from a pill or potion, but rather resides within us and is fully expressed when given the optimal environment…is different. Sharing a message that our body has the innate potential to heal and grow, when clear and connected to that source of healing…is different. Not looking to a prescription drug, or the latest quick fix…is different. Questioning what pharmaceutical companies and healthcare physicians suggest, or recommend…is different.

You see, we envision a world where being different is the norm. And we know that the key to making and sustaining that transition is through developing a strong community of families and individuals who can support each other along the way. Questioning old belief systems, being different, and the journey to health from the inside-out is not always easy…but when it results in the happiest and healthiest version of yourself and your family, it is ALWAYS worth it.

This is our WHY.

Our bodies are intelligent and designed to be healthy, they just need the proper support along the way. Our families are designed to be healthy and happy, we all just need the proper support along the way.

The Vision

Creating a community designed to empower and support each other on our health journeys. By providing a space to share, learn, inspire and support…we hope for this group to encourage lots of Q&A…questions and action. We each have uniquely different experiences and perspectives. We look forward to learning from each other through questions and action steps that we can all take to truly become our best.

Power of Community

  1. Collective Wisdom: We as individuals don’t always have all the answers

  2. Maximizing Potential: It’s easy to give up before the finish line

  3. Encouragement: Sometimes it helps to know someone is rooting for you

  4. Accountability: A friendly reminder never hurts

Drs. Derrell and Morgan own and operate Connection Café: A Chiropractic Center

in Union City, CA where they specialize in prenatal, postnatal and pediatric care.

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