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Prenatal chiropractic studies

Chiropractic and pelvic floor function in pregnant women

Reduced labor and delivery time in pregnant patient

Webster technique and breech presentation

VBAC with twins following chiropractic care

Normalized fetal growth rate and reduction in placental insufficiency

Chiropractic and pelvic pain during pregnancy

VBAC following subluxation-based chiropractic care

Resolution of infertility following chiropractic care

Resolution of breech and successful vaginal birth following Webster technique

Pediatric chiropractic studies

Safety and effectiveness of pediatric chiropractic care

Chiropractic and ADHD in children

Improved brain development in children undergoing chiropractic care

Resolution of defiant Behavior and Improved Speech in a Non-Verbal Toddler Following Chiropractic Care

Resolution of asthma and other functional disorders

Resolution of breastfeeding difficulties following chiropractic care

Resolution of immunodeficiency in children under chiropractic care

Asthma and bedwetting improvements after chiropractic care

Resolution of Hearing Loss, Improved Speech & School Performance Following Chiropractic

Improvements following chiropractic in crying and feeding difficulties and sleep disturbances

Improvement in alpha brain waves, coordination and emotional regulation following chiropractic care

Improved quality of life of children under chiropractic care

Health outcomes of pediatric patients undergoing chiropractic care since birth

Resolution of chronic ear infections in infant

Resolution of chronic seizures in infant undergoing chiropractic care

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