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Think Well. Eat Well. Move Well.

Do you want to be your best? Do you even know what your best looks or feels like? Although I imagine most people’s answer to the first questions is a resounding, “YES!” I find it wrong to assume everybody does. If you do want to be your best, please continue reading. If not, this article may not be for you.

Now that we have established and recognized a desire to be our best, the next questions is…How? Or where does it start? The answer is simple, it starts within us. When we take the time to dig a little deeper, we have the ability to answer the question more sophisticatedly and provide action steps to be your best and live your best life possible.

Ultimately our daily performance is determined by our ability to adapt to our

environment. As a former Exercise Physiologist and Sports Performance Specialist, the last 10+ years of my life have been dedicated to investigating how we adapt to our internal and external environment the best. The best includes how we adapt most efficiently chemically, mentally, and physically.

As the research continues to evolve, the answer remains clear. Our quality of life is determined by the quality of our thoughts, how we choose to fuel our bodies, and how well we move. In the latest neuroendocrinology studies, they are proving there is a very intimate relationship between the quality of our thoughts and the quality of chemicals and hormones our body produces. As responsible as this chemical/hormone secretion is responsible for sickness and disease, it is as responsible for adaptability and health expression.

Further, we are finding different ways to fuel our bodies, more specifically our brain. What are we putting in our body that is promoting health, vitality, and vigor? Health and life expression is a conscious evolution. We continue to grow and thrive in proportion to what we intake. Whole foods, fruits and vegetables, and a sustainable balanced diet will always be better for your body than the contrary. These will then promote better movement, flexibility, and ultimately function. Our function always follows structure. Meaning, the better our posture, and proprioception the better we are communicating with our brain.

Think well. Eat well. Move well. LIVE WELL.

Top tips from Dr. Blackburn

  1. Remember your health is determined by your ability to adapt to your internal and external environment.

  2. Your adaptability is determined by your nerve system’s ability to perceive and respond efficiently.

  3. The quality of thoughts, fuel and movement will determine health.

  4. Think positively and learn from other perspectives.

  5. Fuel your body with whole foods, good fats and natural sugars.

  6. Remember the quality of every joint in your body, specifically your spine determines the quality of messages getting to your brain.

Dr. Derrell Blackburn is the founder and owner of Connection Café Chiropractic in Union City, CA. He is the founder and owner of Pure Juice & Smoothie Lounge, as well as a post-graduate professor at Life Chiropractic College West.

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