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“I am thankful I found chiropractic care at the end of my pregnancy

and to help me through the postpartum recovery.”



Kenyan decided to seek chiropractic care when she was 36 weeks along, but looking back she wishes she had come to Connection Café Chiropractic sooner.


“I wish I had sought chiropractic care before pregnancy and through the early stages…I know chiropractic care earlier on would have prepared my pelvis for carrying the baby in the proper position.”


Besides immediately feeling more comfort in her lower back and hips, standing taller and sleeping more comfortably after getting under care in the office, one of Kenyan’s favorite parts of getting adjusted was “getting to lay face down thanks to the cool belly support pillow. That was THE most satisfying experience during the last month of pregnancy!”


Kenyan was carrying Baby G in the posterior position throughout pregnancy, or in other words her baby was “sunny side up”. Dr. Derrell assessed her pelvis and spine and began adjusting specific areas to promote communication in the body and to bring about balance in her pelvis.​​​​​​​​​​​​

“After my adjustments, I could feel her shift into a more optimal position, but due to my posture and misalignment from before receiving chiropractic care, she would revert back to being sunny side up.”


Dr. Derrell continued to facilitate balance and ease throughout the end of Kenyan’s pregnancy, and she made it a point to come get checked and adjusted consistently, in order to best prepare her body for birth. Chiropractic care during pregnancy promotes adaptability in the body that is ultimately helpful during labor and recovery. After many hours of contractions, Baby G finally got into the optimal position and was lovingly welcomed into the world.


“I had a wonderful labor experience. It was long, but it was amazing. I was able to endure a 41 hour labor without any pain medication, and my physical recovery was smooth and easy.”


Kenyan continued to receive chiropractic care after the delivery of her daughter to assist her body through the postpartum recovery. One of her favorite aspects of postpartum chiropractic care was getting to introduce her newborn daughter to chiropractic at such an early age.


“I’m a believer in chiropractic for infants. My daughter didn’t get sick during her first year of life and has never had an ear infection. Her growth and development have always been on track, and we loved getting to see Dr. Derrell and Dr. Morgan as part of our weekly routine.”

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