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“I loved having the support from like minded care givers who were always positive with how my body would be able to deliver vaginally after 2 C-sections.”

Beginning her third pregnancy, Jaycee was considered high risk due to age. As a fitness instructor, she stayed very active during her pregnancy until she experienced bleeding from time to time, which led her down a path of moderated bed rest. 


“I managed to keep working as a fitness instructor until 32 weeks when I started having pre-term labor contractions. With that scare I was put on preventative measures and back on modified bed rest. Fast forward to 36 weeks, I found out my baby was in the head up position. That sent me into a panic since I was already on alert for a possible early baby.” 


Jaycee was then referred to Connection Cafe Chiropractic at 36 weeks by her doula, who advised her to seek out chiropractic care after receiving the news that her baby was in the breech position.


“As soon as I was referred to Connection Cafe and had my first adjustment I knew I was doing the right thing. Like all pregnant ladies who have received chiropractic care later in their pregnancy, I really wish I knew about it sooner. I feel like I really benefited from the adjustments and getting my hips and pelvis in the right position for a VBA2C (vaginal birth after two cesareans).”


Jaycee committed to her chiropractic care and showed up in the office three times a week to get her hips and spine checked and adjusted to address any imbalances and create the optimal space for Baby P to get into the head down position. With each adjustment Jaycee felt “rejuvenated and pain free.” After just 3 adjustments, Baby P had turned and was in the optimal position for labor. Jaycee continued to support her body throughout the last month of her pregnancy to ensure that her “body was aligned and prepared for a vaginal delivery.”

“I made it to full term, 1 day before my expected due date. I stayed home for 12 hours laboring mostly in my bathtub, then labored for about 4 more hours and pushed for 55 minutes. During my time in the hospital I persisted on an un-medicated vaginal birth several times. Even though the medical staff may not have had faith in a vaginal delivery I knew my body well enough to know that I could and would.”


Jaycee stood her ground and trusted in her body through and through. 


“In the end I achieved what I had set out to do and couldn’t be more proud of my warrior-like mindset and unwillingness to compromise or be scared into a situation I knew I could have avoided.”


Baby P was welcomed into the world via VBA2C and has been thriving ever since. She received her first chiropractic check and adjustment at just 2 days old, making sure that there was no neurological stress in her system so that she could grow, develop, feed and sleep optimally. Jaycee also received her first post-partum adjustment at the same time. 

“It is highly advisable to get adjusted while your body still has the relaxin hormone to encourage a healthy recovery. [Chiropractic] has helped me so much with my prenatal AND postnatal body.”

Jaycee and her family continue to receive chiropractic care as part of the regular routine to stay as healthy as possible.

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