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“I loved the way my body felt after getting adjusted. The relaxin really did a number on me for this pregnancy and everything just felt loose and constantly shifting. The adjustments just helped me feel realignment in the areas that felt off.”



Eileen had a smooth first pregnancy, so when she started experiencing severe pain and discomfort during her second pregnancy, she decided to seek help.


“I was having terrible back pain around my left hip. It felt like my hips were rotating against my sacrum. When I asked my OB about what I should do, they gave the option of seeing a massage therapist, physical therapist, or a chiropractor. I opted for chiropractic care since Connection Café is so close and they had experience working with pregnant patients.”


In getting evaluated at Connection Café Chiropractic, it was clear that Eileen was experiencing some misalignments in her hips and lower back. Her body was adapting in the best way it could to growing this perfect little baby, but she needed some support. 


“After my first adjustment, I felt immediate relief. The pain rarely returned as long as I kept up with my adjustments and exercises. I was able to wean myself off the muscle relaxant my OB prescribed for pain. I would seek treatment 2-3 times per week. I continued chiropractic care from my second trimester up until delivery.”

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Eileen was carrying Baby I head down during pregnancy, however, he was “sunny-side up” which caused some intense back labor. On a Tuesday evening, Eileen was admitted at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital for what she expected to be a quick delivery. She opted to not have any pain meds and let her body do what it needed to do!


“My contractions stalled after an hour and the L&D nurse suggested we try low levels of Pitocin to restart the process. I agreed. Every two hours the contractions would stall and the Pitocin would be increased. After several more rounds of that into the morning, the OB suggested that we try breaking the waters. I felt much stronger contractions and had to try different laboring positions to ease the pain. My doula and husband were taking turns to comfort me during this time. Without their help, I wouldn’t have gone as far as I did."


Eileen was soon exhausted from the pain and intensity of the contractions from the Pitocin. At 7cm dilated, she asked for an epidural. She had received an epidural with her first delivery without any issue. However, this time around it took 90 minutes to insert it, and it ended up only effecting one side.


"The health care team allowed me to lie down to get some more rest, but then I felt the urge to push. The nurse did a check and said that I was 10 cm dilated. I did all that work for an epidural that didn’t work and now it was time to deliver! I pushed for about an hour and finally gave birth to Ian at 3pm on Wednesday."


Eileen continues to receive chiropractic care post-delivery to help her body heal and recover postpartum, as well as to support her body as she gets back in to running and working out. She sets a great example of strength and determination for her two boys to look up to, and she is a advocate for chiropractic, especially during pregnancy.


“I would definitely recommend chiropractic care to pregnant patients. I have already recommended Connection Café to my friends who are pregnant and those trying for a baby.”

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