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“I loved knowing I was doing something good for myself, but

more importantly for my baby.”


Daschel began her chiropractic journey before she became pregnant. A colleague of Dr. Derrell’s referred her and her husband to Connection Café and they soon became loyal practice members.


“I was turned on to chiropractic care before getting pregnant after learning how important it is for health. It helped me through regular issues like allergies and sleep issues. Once I became pregnant…I knew it would greatly benefit my baby and me.”


Daschel stuck to her weekly routine of getting checked and adjusted throughout the entirety of her pregnancy. She experienced morning sickness throughout the first half of pregnancy and as her baby grew, she began to experience more discomfort and back pain. Getting adjusted was not a cure-all for everything she experienced, but she knew that it played a vital role in keeping herself and Baby E connected to their inner source of health. Chiropractic allowed her body to adapt the best way it could to the ongoing growth and stress that came along on this beautiful journey.


“My weekly chiropractic visits made me feel strong and able to grow with my pregnancy in a healthy way. Once I got a bit bigger, I had some chronic back pain and insomnia. Both of those issues were always almost gone in the days after a visit, but back by the time I made the trip again.”


Because Daschel had been receiving chiropractic care for some time before pregnancy, her body had adequate time to adapt to her adjustments and maintain proper balance in her pelvis, thus creating the optimal space for Baby E to develop and grow.

“My baby was head down and in perfect position. I actually had a pretty awesome delivery and recovery at home. I attribute that to my body being in prime condition for the big day. Because delivery went so well, so did recovery.”


Daschel was able to labor at home for some time before her delivery. “I vacuumed, took the dog for a walk, and did a few other things that would otherwise have been considered crazy, but I felt just fine.” When she arrived at the hospital she was progressing very slowly, so she continued to stay active and walk around. One of the things she was most thankful for during her delivery were the conversations she had with Dr. Derrell during her routine chiropractic visits.


“The doctors were pushy and telling me I was not progressing and I would need Pitocin. I refused the Pitocin, and they tried to scare me with saying I would then need a C-section. Thank goodness Dr. Derrell talked me through these things and what to expect, as I was ready for it.”


Although she did not initially want an epidural, once she was dilated at about 7cm, she decided to get one, but after 30 minutes it had completely worn off.


“Getting the epidural was a waste. I went in to active labor feeling everything, and I am so glad it worked out that way. I was able to feel everything properly and pushed the right way. This is what I attribute to such a great and easy recovery. I pushed for about an hour and a half, but it never felt that long. My body went into autopilot and did what it was built to do. Luckily I was working on making sure my body was in prime condition for the months beforehand.”

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